About Us

For years we have been hearing from trans-men and men with gynecomastia (breast tissue in males), how much they hate trying to hide their breast tissue. 

Every single one of them has tried multiple methods from chest binding to duct tape. As you know, most options out there are either ineffective or unsafe. Other than surgery to flatten the chest, chest binding is the only option. We disagree, so we decided to change things. This is what we wanted to do:

  • Create an effective product
  • Create a comfortable product
  • Keep the product fashionable
  • Keep the product affordable
  • Keep the product durable

ManSculptureTM Flattening Undershirts have been designed to be the best and last garment you will ever have to buy. We started by first interviewing hundreds of people about what they would want in a chest flattening garment. Do you know what everyone stated was more important than anything? 



Everyone we interviewed said that "comfort superseded all other attributes". So we asked ourselves, "How do we make a more comfortable product?"

We started by getting rid of the old technology our competitors use, that can cause the garment to become hot and sweaty. ManSculptureTM Flattening Undershirts utilize our specialty combination of fabrics. One light outer layer, and a double inner layer (or our MAX-PanelTM in our Max line of garments) making an extremely strong and comfortable inner flattening combo of POWER! Our fabric wicks moisture away, and breathes to keep your skin cool and comfortable. 

Next, we wanted to make sure the product was not only comfortable, but still flattened the chest effectively. We went through hundreds of prototype designs, with many shapes and sizes, until we came up with the most effective style that would fit most body types. We found the strongest flattening fabrics for the inner layer, and made sure it was smooth and comfortable for longer wear. Although it's pretty strong, it's still comfortable so you can breathe. We then tested, and continue to test our garments against our competitors using tensile strength testing. Time and time again our products have outperformed our competitors with stronger tensile strength, better compression, and longer lasting fabric. 

We then made sure the undershirt actually looked like an undershirt or sporty tank-top.  A lot of people we interviewed stated they wanted an undershirt that could look like a regular tank-top or even a workout tank. This way they wouldn't mind if someone saw the shirt under their clothing. ManSculptureTM Flattening Undershirts are so cool, you could simply wear it as a shirt by itself. Now that's awesome!

Then we asked, "Who likes it when their shirt is always rolling upwards?" No one, so we added a non-slip, non-rolling waistband to all of our flattening undershirts. It's so low profile, you can wear it tucked in or leave it tucked out, and it will still look cool.

We combined all of these elements into our final prototype and then did product testing with multiple fit-models of trans-men. With their recommendations and modifications, we have produced a superior product that gives great results, comfortable fit, and still stylish enough to wear without a shirt too.

We are continuously desiging new products which will make ManSculpture the leading Flattening Undershirt Company in the World!

We hope you enjoy wearing ManSculptureTM Flattening Undershirts, and we want you to know that we spent a lot of time researching and designing one of the best flattening undershirts available today.

Be ManSculptureTM