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Below are actual customer reviews about our products. We've removed the names for privacy, but you can read for yourself how great ManSculptureTM Flattening Undershirts are and how they've become the best FTM Chest Binder on the market!


 Here's a great review from our most popular design, the Mansculpture ManZipTM Max:



"I love it is so much easier to take on and off. I wish you would make one in white. I tried a size small and a size Medium in the regular white one and I cant get it passed my shoulders and Im a medium size guy. I need a medium in a Manzip white. I wear it everyday"

"I've been using the (**we removed competitors company name**) binders for about a year when I came across this one. It is SUPER COMFORTABLE. Getting in and out of the (**we removed competitors company name**) binders, especially on a busy day, was always a hassle and after a while having to climb into it and pull it up around my waist became painful and stretched out the material. With this one, the side unbuckles and unzips and it goes on just like a regular tanktop. My only issue is that since the right side is not buckled or zipped, the right side of my chest is much flatter than the zipped side. But I'm never going back to (**we removed competitors company name**) again, this one is too comfy, and I love that the material at the bottom keeps it from rolling up. It's fantastic, and totally worth the price"

"So far the quality is amazing!"

"All in all the best and easiest product I have tried thus far"

"Very good. It was tight at first but now it's great. Wish it was a little easier to get into but overall it's very good."



"Wow! Just got my Mansculpture product in the mail today and am just now getting to try it on. 15 minutes and I cannot express how amazing it feels to have on and how much I've already fallen in love with it!! Amazing design and product. Thank you."

"Got 2 in the mail about a week ago... THESE ARE AMAZING!!! Great job!!! Its very comfortable. Can wear it as just a tank top. Soft, sturdy material...I have an older one that seems to be falling apart at the seems, I don't imagine this one will."


"I received my binder in the mail today, and I'm already really happy with it. Perhaps it doesn't bind *quite* so much as my Underworks 997, but on the other hand, I can actually breathe now. And the binder makes it look like I have pecs (awesome!) instead of a uniboob. The material feels good, and is extremely comfortable - I can hardly notice that I have a binder on at all. The only bit that is slightly uncomfortable is around the shoulder/underarm region, and that's very slight. Oh, and no rolling up! All in all, I love it!"

"I am totally liking the garments! Extremely comfortable, soft and flattens me just the way I wanted! These are the most comfortable binders I've EVER tried!"

"Customer service is very amazing!! Had many good emails back and forth as they tried to help me. Still looks pretty flat (perhaps not 100% so, but I don't think anybody is really that flat). No uniboob or bunching under the arms. (I wore about a 36 C back when I wore those things) Could be worn without a shirt (not likely in this weather) and I'd have a fairly masculine looking chest. This one fits under the arms better. Will absolutely not ride up or roll. Some compression in the stomach and so on, but not too much."


"Best binder on the market!!!!! I love it! I have been searching high and low for something as comfortable and effective as this binder. It doesn't irritate my skin, It never rolls up, it's form fitting but not crushing my midsection. I will defiantly be purchasing another one as soon as I have the extra cash!"


Go ahead, get your ManSculptureTM Flattening Undershirt today and experience the BEST!


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