Sizing Guidelines

How to measure for a proper fit

Everybody is different, and so are our bodies. We designed our products to fit a majority of people within standard U.S. sizes, but not everyone will get the same fit. So here is the best most accurate way to measure your chest for proper fitting:

Using a tape measure, measure your chest in inches around the entire chest over your breast tissue. This is your chest circumference for sizing. Use this number to choose the correct size of your garment. All of our products have specific sizing guidelines, so use this number to choose the correct size based on the specific garment style size chart on it's respective page.

We have carefully designed your ManSculpture Flattening Undershirt to fit true to US Mens size standards. As long as you have followed the above recommendations on how to measure your chest for the right size garment, you should get a good fit. 

Remember, our sizes are not based on other garment manufacturers styles or designs, so do not rely on your previous size with another company, and please choose the correct size by following our sizing guidelines. 

Now, that being said, everybody is built differently. Not every single person will fit the same and some people may be "between" sizes. If you are small chested and you find you are "between" sizes, you may want to choose one size smaller. If you are big chested or a lot wider in the midsection (a large stomach or belly), you may want to choose one size larger. Again, this should be rare as our garments are designed to fit a range of various body types.