ManSculpture FTM Binders

This is the ManZipTM, the BEST thing to happen in the history of FTM Binders.  

Have you ever had a hard time getting into your FTM Binder? Does it get stuck over your head? Do you lose grip of your FTM binder, and can't pull it down? Do you get frustrated when trying to take it off and need someone to help pull you out of the "FTM binder tube"? The ManZipTM  solves this problem, and is designed with an awesome left sided zipper that opens from the bottom. It has four clasps that help you bring the zipper together without getting stuck. This way you can get into and out of the ManZipTM a whole lot faster.

Whether you choose the  ManZipTM for its AWESOME compression, or the ManZipTM Max for its SUPER-AWESOME compression, you'll be happy you chose ManSculpture® FTM Binders.